Inground Pools in Sunland

Creating an exquisite inground pool is all about experience and skill. In the Sunland pool construction industry for many years, our team has skill and experience to spare! Licensed and bonded, all our work comes with the Toneys Pool Service promise of customer satisfaction, as well as a warranty for products and services.

Making the decision to install an inground pool is a great first step to getting the most out of your backyard this summer.

More durable with amazing options for customization, the inground pool far outweighs the aboveground option. We can’t wait to start creating your new urban oasis!

Custom Pools, Endless Options

When it comes to inground pool installation, there are many options to consider—your new pool is not just a rectangle full of water in the ground!

Grecian, oval, Roman, L-shaped, kidney, round, lap… we can create pools in as many shapes as you can imagine! However, should you decide to pick a fiberglass pool liner your customization options will be limited.


Today’s most common method of pool installation, a framework is built and then sprayed with a mixture of concrete and sand. The use of rebar rather than wood as a framework creates a more durable basin than the previously used poured concrete.

Poured Concrete

Still an option, pool contractors will suggest poured concrete. It has been used by many of our Sunland clients and is very long-lasting, on par with gunite. Just be prepared for a cement mixer to be on your property for the process. 


Fiberglass pools come in a range of different shapes, but because they are one solid form that is lowered by crane into the ground, there isn’t a lot of room for customization.


When considering how to line your pool, you have three options. Leave the gunite or concrete, insert a fiberglass shell, or line your concrete pool with vinyl. A vinyl liner will supply you with a nice smooth pool bottom surface, but will need to be replaced in five to nine years due to its potential to fade and discolor in the sun as well as tear and leak.

No matter what method you choose, installing your inground pool is our pleasure, and the cost of putting in a pool is well worth it.

Concrete, fiberglass, vinyl—they all have their advantages and disadvantages but what it comes down to is what will work best with your budget and backyard.

Jump Right In

When you hire Toneys Pool Service for your inground pool installation, you don’t need to have a solid idea in mind of what your pool will be shaped like and constructed of.

Together, we’ll determine what your best and most financially viable options are and start planning from that point.

Our Sunland clients love using our knowledge base to come up with their perfect pool, and in the end they’re satisfied with the results ever time.

So let’s jump right on in and get to designing your new favorite part of summer!